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I am not a big Spike Lee fan. I have only seen a couple of his films, and they certainly werent bad, but not movies I would consider entertaining. Clockers fit the same kind of mold. The filming is very real world. The shots and angles all give a point of view of a third party rather than the outer worldly shots seen in most movies. Spike lee has a couple Steven King like appearances in the beginning and end of the movie that give it an almost documentary like feel. There really is no hero here, the only real good guys get very small parts. Maybe Lee is trying to bring heros out of the evil of the projects, or showing that in real life there are no real heros, but either way, it isnt a fun ride. The disc is not one to show off the system. It is anamorphic and Dolby Digital 5.1, but the film has a grany haze over it. It is actually very fitting of the program material. If you are a Spike Lee fan, it is a good disc, otherwise, might want to rent it.