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I wasnt near as crazy about this movie after seeing it in the theater than I am now. This is my new home theater reference piece. This movie is exactly what a movie made off of a comic is supposed to be. It has the perfect amount of flash and artistic camera shots that give it the feel of the exaggerated artwork in a comic. The only bad thing is the doctor they bring in to give the film "some realism". Totally unnecessary and takes away from the rest of the movie. The action scenes are some of the best ever put to film, and puts Westly Snipes in the arena of Arnold during his Terminator and Total Recall days. The disc is perfect. The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is full and gets your blood pumping (so to speak...). The anamorphic picture is almost high definition quality. It includes a slew of interviews, a directors commentary, and some cut scenes including an alternate ending. The menus are the best I have seen. For the $18 I paid for this disc it is a steal. One of the best DVDs ever made.