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Dreamworks first foray into the animation feature is quite a film. I wasnt expecting much with this one, I had heard it was good but nothing special. What I got was quite an adventure with enough plot, dialog and eye candy to keep me going the entire film without the smile ever leaving my face. This flick has an all star crew but never seems to break the general acting modes of the actors. Sharon Stone talks like Sharon Stone in Casino, Woody Allan talks like he always does, even Christopher Walken talks like he did in True Romance. I guess it is hard to do a lot of range for an animation film, but it would be nice to stop and think about the charactors for a second. The movie isnt one for the kiddies though, with everything from the death of a friend to a war with termites that reminded me of Starship Troopers. The DVD shows that Dreamworks certianly doesnt screw around. I was floored by the amount of extras on the additional material button including everything from a full commentary to quite a few making of featurettes. The DVD is 16x9 enhanced and Dolby Digital 5.1. If you like this movie at all, it certianly is one to have on the rack if a young cousin should come over and you cant stick in Scarface.