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Lolita is the story of a truly dysfunctional (not to mention illegal) relationship of a man and a girl. It is a story of love, lies, lust, malice, perversion, revenge and murder. Kubrick takes this relationship that most directors are too afraid to even touch and take it beyond the initial act and into what it does to the parties. I am amazed that Kubrick wasnt lynched by the much harder censors back when this movie was made, not to mention how controversial it is now. What is also amazing is how he never touches the actual subject matter, but only deals with the events leading to it and the results. You never even see Lolita and our pervert professor even kiss on the lips, not to mention anything else. The story is very well done, the directing is once again true artwork. It seemed a bit long for me, but it is hard for me to sit for 2.5 hours without a gun blast or an asteroid hitting Paris. The DVD once again isnt anything special, but neither is the source material. The film is non-anamorphic black and white, the soundtrack is mono. Considering there are few directors willing to take such a chance, and now that we will no longer see such chances taken by this man (after Eyes Wide Shut that is) I recommend the DVD. If you are more akin to Michael Bay movies, give this one a rest.