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For some reason I was really expecting a lot more for this movie. I guess I figured that with a movie with such an obtrusive name, there would have to be a ton of substance to keep it on the shelf. I was wrong. The movie isnt really bad, and frankly it has a lot of pretty creative stuff in it, but the very tired plot of a guy who makes his way into the spotlight only to find out it wasnt what he really wanted is way out of date now. Still, there is some very funny imagery and some great scenes, but it really didnt come across as the creative independent film I expected. The DVD is one of New Lines discs so it is by default very well done. It is 16x9 enhanced with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and includes a little behind the scenes video feature that bored me to tears and a directors commentary I didnt get the chance to listen to. If for some reason you are a fan of the film or the director, it may be a good collectors DVD, but for the mainstream watcher, I would give it nothing but a rental.