Beautiful Girls

A review by Mike Shea   Movie Rating: ( * * * · · )    DVD Rating: ( * · · · · )

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Not so much of a chick flick here, but getting a little close for my tastes. Beautiful Girls is the story of four high school friends back together for their class reunion. It tells each of their tales and shows how they grow up in the short period of time they are together. Luckily it paints this picture with a very funny brush or it would be dull as Al Gore. From the almost completely uncomfortable relationship between Natalie Portman and Noah Emmerich, to the explanation of how super models are really a mans holy grail of relationships. Rosie ODonnel even has a pretty funny monolog as she points out the faults of men by using a Penthouse as a visual aid. This movie was overall pretty entertaining and if you liked Dancer Texas at all, this will grab you too. If you are looking for more blood than a hospital, go watch Blade again instead (you have seen Blade havent you?). The DVD was a joke. Another non-16x9 enhanced video transfer and lame two channel audio (though, once again, the master was only two channel so how can I give it a 0). No extras either. Like I said, there really is no excuse for a disc like this with a movie this new. Still, the movie had a lot of great lines that have stuck with me since watching it. Give it a rental, but I would keep this out of the personal library if I were you.