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Heathers is a satire of life in high school. It is the story of a girl who is drawn into the world of chaos and evil, and a comedic tale of society. Frankly I am surprised this didnt fall into Bill Clintons movie burning campaign along with Basketball Diaries. Winonna Ryder (a definite E on the hexidecemal rating scale) and Christian Slater have a definite chemistry that takes this Bonnie and Clyde take on Breakfast Club story to great heights. The story is witty and surreal, the characters intense and cut perfectly and the visuals give this dreamscape a real feeling. The DVD is pretty lame though, with no 16x9 enhanced picture and a mono soundtrack. There is a tiny featurette that seems to hold about 20 min of the actual movie rather than a making of. Overall I would only keep an eye on this one if it starts disappearing off the shelves in the wake of instant retribution for recent events, otherwise just give it a rental.