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This is probably the first and best space horror movie ever done. The only one that even comes remotely close is possibly The Thing, but Alien even beats that out. Alien tells the story of a group of space miners who stumble across the universes worst nightmare. While the tail of the alien and its ability to devour the crew is interesting, the first half of this movie is what really shines. Between Ridley Scotts (of Blade Runner fame!) direction and H. R. Gigers set design, you are treated to a horrific alien space craft complete with a mummified pilot and alien breeding ground that will give you nightmares for weeks. The addition of a psychotic android and a methodical computer core called "mother" really fill this one out. A perfect movie that defines the genre. The THX certified DVD is a wonderful transfer of the film and one of Foxs first 16x9 enhanced titles (BRAVO!). It has a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack that is unfortunatly quite a bit softer than normal 5.1 discs, but this was the only fault I could find with the DVD. There are loads of extras including a newly recorded directors commentary with Ridley Scott himself! Overall, a prefect blend of an excellent movie on an excellent disc. This is how DVD should be!