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Nothing is quite as horrible as the way humans have treated other humans. Steven Speilburg seems to be able to capture this notion like no other director. Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan and now Amistad are film essays of this cruelty and the heroes who were able to step out of this viscous cycle of inhuman treatment. It is hard to review a movie like this, considering that entertainment rarely finds its way into the story. Amistad tells the story of a group of Africans illegally sold into slavery and who rebelled against their captors only to be arrested by the US. Spielburg does an excellent job as always, able to capture the moments with a very keen eye. The all star cast does a wonderful job, with Anthony Hopkins stealing the show in his last dialog in front of the supreme court. The story is exciting, powerful and supposedly historically accurate. An excellent movie, but one I couldnt say was extremely entertaining. Definitely worth seeing. The DVD is another one of Dreamworks masterpieces. It has a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack and an anamorphic transfer. There is a making of feature that gives quite a bit of background, but no commentary track. If you are one to find the depth and art of an excellent film that has an important story to tell, this will give it. If you are looking for an entertaining couple of hours, this might not be the picture.