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Glory is an epic tale of the first black regiment in the union army during the civil war. I havent seen this movie in a while, and frankly wasnt all that fired up to see it again, but boy was I in for a treat. This movie ranks probably first of all the civil war movies I have seen. The acting is wonderful, the direction top notch, and the music is awe inspiring. The battles are done extremely well, showing the horrors and victories of war all at once. The characters are believable and deep. I just cant praise this movie enough. On all counts it does the job perfectly. The DVD is a true reference level disc with a wonderfully deep Dolby Digital 5.1 remastered soundtrack making the battles consuming and powerful. The 16x9 enhanced transfer looked beautiful from the forests to the beach fronts. unfortunately there were no extras worth mentioning though this DVD is a staple in anyones collection. If you are sick of waiting for Saving Private Ryan to come out, definitely check this one out. It reminds you why we spent all this money in the first place. To present good movies.