Wild Things

A review by Mike Shea   Movie Rating: ( * * * * · )    DVD Rating: ( * * * * * )

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This one was fed to me as the movie where one could see Neve Campbell (Scream) and Denise Richards (Starship Troopers) kiss. Denise Richards is HOT!!!!! That in itself was enough to get it into the player, but what I got was a whole lot more. Wild Things is a suspense mystery set in the Florida Everglades on a bed of Zydeco music that does full justice to the genre. The story moves along and the plot develops itself fully. There are some excellent characters including Bill Murrey as the shyster lawyer and Neve Campbell as the troubled Florida white trash teen. For a mystery of this caliber there is only one small hole I could find, but I do not wish to give it away. The DVD has a beautiful anamorphic picture that shows off every stitch of the Everglades (not to mention Denise Richards bra) in perfect detail, and the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound lets every cricket and mosquito into the room. There are three small deleted scenes that are extremely funny if not useful, and a directors commentary. This is another clear cut purchase. If you like the movie, buy the disc.