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Some of the best movies are the ones you've never heard of. They are the ones that cost almost no money and made even less. Movies like Narc fall into this category as does Equilibrium. I hadn't heard of it before until someone I know mentioned it to me. I am glad he did, Equilibrium is a good movie. It isn't a smash. It isn't Fight Club, but it is a good action movie with an important message. Do not let them take away freedom of thought.

Probably one of my most annoying times to be around was right after I re-read Orwell's 1984. I looked around our post 9-11 post Iraq part 2 war and saw what was really happening. I saw forced morality. I saw people using the deaths of others to spread their own unrelated agendas. I saw our freedoms disappearing under the now meaningless word "terrorism". The Recording Industry Association of America attempted to have the online file sharing software Kazaa marked as software that promoted terrorism. Organizations like the Motion Picture Association of America affix meaningless ratings to movies they do not agree with in some cases snuffing them out of existence and out of our thoughts. Our freedoms, our constitutional rights, are removed. Our thoughts are being controlled. War and the threat of violence is used as an excuse to keep us under control and keep our thoughts along the same company line. It isn't the government that does this, it is any large organization, commercial or not.

Like Orwell's 1984, Equilibrium uses science fiction and action to tell this important story. It uses the vehicles at hand to speak against what is happening in our world. More than just a mindless action film like your typical Michael Bay billion dollar car chaser, Equilibrium ties together an entertaining thought provoking story with some excellent action.

The concept of the "gun kata" was as interesting as the story. The concept that when studied mathematically, all gun battles can be reduced to simple probability and a single form can be used to teach the best of the best how to survive when surrounded by adversaries is a neat way to do Matrix-like action scenes. The action is good, but most will consider it a rip-off of the Matrix instead of something a little more unique.

Movies like Equilibrium, Solaris are all best seen on DVD. They thrive in the home theater where they failed miserably on the big screen. Equilibrium is a 2.35 to 1 16x9 enhanced picture with a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. There are two different commentary tracks, the directors one being quite informative.

I like movies like Equilibrium. If it had been a monster hit, I probably wouldn't have, but seeing it the way I did made me feel like I found a small nugget of gold in a pile of rocks. It won't make me rich, but its a lot better than simple mindless entertainment. The message of a movie like Equilibrium is one that effects us all. Listen to it and act upon it.