You do believe in demons, dont you?

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God knows I have no love of James Fargo movie. Obscure references aside, Bill Paxton has to work his way out of a deep hole of bad acting, but Frailty is a big step. Not only did he act quite well in it, he directed it.

Frailty is a movie that morphs and changes as it progresses. We think itís a movie like Silence of the Lambs, but it isnít. We think we know who the characters are, but we donít. As the story unfolds, it twists and turns back on itself in a morbid dance around a shining axe, a steel pipe and a pair of workmanís gloves.

The acting in Frailty is very good. Ironically enough, Jeremy Sumpter carry the picture quite a bit, never making too much of the roles and never calling too much attention away the story.

The DVD is an average release. It has a 16x9 enhanced 2.35 to 1 picture that does a good job representing the picture. There is a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack that never tries to make itself known, a good thing, but never makes itself appear too short either. There is a directors commentary with..egads, Bill Paxton, along with a producers commentary (ďwe gave money to this movie!Ē) and some other featurettes. The DVD is a good representation of a good film.

Frailty isnít Seven. It is a good film but perhaps a little too twisty or turny to be too serious. The movie is made better by the creepy story and the acting of Bill Paxton. I never thought I would write a sentence like that but fact is fact. We humans are nothing if not flexible. Frailty is worth a rental, but not a keeper.