Van Wilder

Fuck you.

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Van Wilder made me ashamed of being a sentient being. No movie I have seen in five years has made me regret the purchase of a DVD player until now. It isn't that I am so much of a snob that I cannot enjoy a good teen titty movie, I suffered through both American Pie's and even "Road Trip" without feeling so violated. Not even the proper use of the male buttocks as a comical aid, nor even an NR rating can save this picture. If you make any one decision of real importance in your life, make it to skip Van Wilder. God, I wish I had.

There is no point in even reviewing the DVD. If it were in 1920 x 1080 double high definition with 12 discreet channel sound coming through 500 watt Krell amps and seven B&W 801 speakers it wouldn't be worth throwing at your worst enemy's dog.

It's been a hard decision and one I don't come to lightly, but it is a rank that I feel I must bestow. Van Wilder is the worst thing ever.