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Memento is truly a different kind of movie. I have always been a big fan of movies that go outside the Hollywood mainstream without trying to be too gitchy, Memento falls within this category. First off, don't plan on watching it just once, for state college grads like myself with the attention span of a 6 year old watching Powerpuff Girls it will take some work to "get it". The reward for the effort is worth it.

In an effort to remain spoiler free, I will have to avoid discussing what it is that makes the movie so unique, but once you see it you will understand. The storyline might be a bit too simple except for the way it is presented. The movie is shot to perfectly match the disability that the main character suffers with. It works perfectly. The side effect of this unique layout is that you are constantly throwing out what you have just seen and trying to figure out the whole plot again. Who's good, who's bad, who is just along for the ride. All of these change with each scene, as they change in the mind of the main character. While it is very unique, it is also very difficult to follow. Even though this is the point, it doesn't make for the most comfortable movie experience.

All of the actors do a great job with the material. Guy Pearce, follows Through his role exactly as he should, without being either too naive or too much of a badass.

The Memento DVD would have been considered wonderful before but only in the category of above average today. It has a 2.35 to 1 16x9 enhanced picture and a full Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. It includes a few extras but no directors commentary.

Memento is a very unique movie falling into the crime drama category but with no other box it could fit in. While it requires a lot of work for the viewer and won't end up being the most comfortable experience, the story and characters do it enough justice to work your way through.