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EdTV was one of the unfortunate movies that was part of a plot chain (aside Truman Show). Luckily I didnt see it till about six months after Truman show so it didnt get too hard a blast for that fact alone. EdTV is a fun movie with some good acting and some nice one liners. They miscast the role of Eds love interest with TVs Darma who looks like she is on the cover of Glamour, not the girl next door. The nice cameo of Dennis Hopper and Martin Landau does a great job as Eds step father. The third act has a tiring cliche of the one man versus the massive media giant, but it isnt too painful, just annoying. The DVD is very good with a beautiful 16x9 enhanced transfer, a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, a somewhat dry directors commentary, making of feature and deleted scenes. Overall it is a fun movie, not quite a work of art, but not too bad at all.