The Man with the Golden Gun

I like a girl in a bikini, no concealed weapons.

A review by Mike Shea   Movie Rating: ( * * * * · )    DVD Rating: ( * * * * · )

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This is another one of my favorite Bond movies. Maybe it is the cool martial arts scene in the middle, or the fact that Bond is facing an enemy that is almost as good as he is (except for the really bad teeth). It has all the cool exotic locations including a very cool secret base that is in the middle of a sunken ship. Unfortunately there are two curses to this installment, one is Bond's partner, Goodnight, who looks great in a babydoll nighty but completely sucks as a spy. If she isn't taking the main piece of top secret hardware to the lead bad guy on a silver platter, she is turning on big lasers with her cute ass. Frankly, if I was Bond, I would have bumped her off after the first screw-up. The other is the horror, JW. The redneck cop from the bayou apparently has enough to take a vacation to southeast asia instead of Fred's trailer park at scenic Mt. Rushmore. His entire existence is a ratial slur and high kneesocks. He isn't a mole on the ass of a good sidekick like Felix Leiter, or even Valentin Zukovsky, the KGB agent in the later Bonds. Live and Let Die. The movie is a very nice 1.85 to 1 16x9 enhanced transfer but with only a Dolby Pro-logic soundtrack. There is a commentary and some extra features as well. I still like this Bond movie and would rate it in the upper 50% of the films.