Evil Dead 2


A review by Mike Shea   Movie Rating: ( * * · · · )    DVD Rating: ( * · · · · )

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This is the second book in the adventures of our hero, Ash, the wild eyed large chined warrior against the dead. The Evil Dead movies have a feeling all of their own. The first is brutal in the horror and gore but the second is almost a recap of the first, an explanation and a lead in to the third movie. This is really the defining movie for Ash as he leaves behind the normal life we all live and dives into the gates of hell with nothing but a shotgun and a chainsaw for a hand. It is easy to see the fun in this silly gore fest but unfortunately it doesn't have the best continuity with the first movie. In order not to lose the audience, we get a stripped down version of the first movie, skipping half the characters and most of the scenes. Then we get a recap of the beasties we are used to seeing. Then we finally get into the main body of the story, but then at it's climax, it ends. The third movie (Army of Darkness) is really the heavy piece of the story, this is more a transition than anything else. The DVD was pretty disappointing considering how good the first is. It has a non 16x9 enhanced 1.85 to 1 picture and only a pro-logic soundtrack. There are no extras which is a shame considering how amusing Bruce Campbell's commentary is in the first. Overall, it helps move the story along but there isn't much here to see until the last third. Worth a watch but only if you are a really big fan.