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I dont want to say too much about this flick, half the fun is figuring out what is going on along with the characters. It is a sci-fi film along the lines of Dark City. The story develops in two paths. One, the characters discovery of the situation they are in. Two, the characters discoveries about each other. The mix of character types works for the most part, but a couple of times the dialog seems strained instead of fluid. The set design is very well thought out and has some neat visuals. There are some scenes of intense violence, so be prepared (if you can make it through the initial scene, the rest is down hill). The DVD was a little bit of a disappointment. It has a Dolby Pro-Logic soundtrack that would have done well as a dolby digital one, and it is not 16x9 enhanced. There are some juicy extras including a commentary track, deleted scenes, story boards and set designs. If the DVD were a little better, I would say it was a must buy. As is, it certainly isnt bad. If you are an independent film lover as I am, I would very much recommend this one.