Mean Streets

A review by Mike Shea   Movie Rating: ( * * · · · )    DVD Rating: ( * · · · · )

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I wanted to check this early Scorsese film mainly because I am a huge fan of his work and I had to see one of the earlier pairings of Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro (though they were both in Taxi Driver). Frankly I was pretty disappointed. There were a few good shots, but overall this is the day in the life of two loser thugs. There isnt anything really interesting about what they do, and they themselves dont have a lot of traits that make them worth watching. There were a couple of good songs by the Surpremes and the Stones shot with that great Scorsese slow motion (Mike Sheas rule 44 you cant lose with slo-mo), but it didnt save the picture. The DVD was not anamorphic and the soundtrack was basically mono. Overall, save your time and money and go see Goodfellas again.