A review by Mike Shea   Movie Rating: ( * * * * * )    DVD Rating: ( * * · · · )

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Rushmore is one of those rocks of coal you pick up that turns out to be a diamond. The plot is given out as a 15 year old and Bill Murray play for the same woman and much comedy ensues, but the actual movie is far far more than this. The two things that really make this movie stand out are the actor of our hero and the wonderful camerawork. plays the perfect 15 year old who is always one step from completly controlling his world. He is far more than the high intelligence character you would read about, and well into the realm of someone who understands more about the world than all around him, and he knows exactly what to do. The direction seemed to remind me a lot of Trainspotting, though the material is obviously much different. A perfect use of slow motion gives us just the right accents on a character and a seen. Someone obviously studied his old John Woo footage. A special note to say that this movie probably has one of the best cover and poster I have seen in a while, very wild. The DVD is unfortunatly not all it could have been. the 2.35 to 1 aspect ratio is not 16x9 enhanced, and there are no extras worth mentioning. The sound is in Dolby Digital 5.1 and does quite well for the movie. The amazing shots and the wondeful characters really come together in this film that is far outside the realm of a normal movie. Definitly a rental, though the shoddy work on the DVD will hardly make it a keeper.