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Ronin is an action thriller with half twist and turns of plot mixed with twist and turns of the streets of France. Five men, specialists in their "business", are brought in to collect a case. Their boss is unknown, the contents are unknown, their origins are unknown. This movie has an excellent cast including Robert DeNiro who does another excellent job showing his vast range (take a look at Jacky Brown for a contrast), Jean Reno (the original Cleaner) and Stellan Skarsgard (what if that professor from Good Will Hunting were really with the KGB?). The movie has three amazing car chase sequences that frankly get to be too much after the second one. Other than that the story moves right along and the action is top notch. More realistic gun battles than Face/Off, but far from boring. The DVD has an excellent 5.1 sound track that made full use of the five full range channels as well as the LFE track. The picture is anamorphic and totally unobtrusive to the film it represents. The disc includes an audio commentary, an alternate ending and a bunch of hidden video clips that are unlocked by the title switch on your DVD player. Excellent movie, excellent features, excellent quality. For $25, this DVD cant be beat.