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Marked as a journey into madness, Pi is supposed to be considered Science fiction. It is set real world in a dark and jumpy, black and white city of paranoia. The film itself builds up tension quite well, and considering I know as much about math as I do women (ie, none), I was still rivited. The movie itself embodies the strangeness seen often in independent films, so if you are a more mainstream viewer, might want to give it a miss. For those looking for new directions in film, this is one of them. The camera work, acting and story are excellent, the conclusion is kind of anti-climactic. The DVD is filmed at about 1.66 to 1 (very small bars at the top and bottom) and hence isnt anamorphic (it wouldnt show right if it were, considering it is larger than 16x9). The sound is in Dolby Surround, though this isnt really a problem for a film like this. Even in black and white the video quality is superb. I found nothing but the interference I was supposed to see. I hope to listen to the commentary track later.