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Every woman who thought Brad Pitt was the man for them better take a look at this movie. Personally I think Brad Pitt is way underrated. You could pick out half a dozen films he was in, each with a different character, and each role he played out in the fullest. He may be the widest range major actor in Hollywood today. You can look at "Meet Joe Black", "12 Monkeys", "7 Years in Tibet", "Kalifornia", "True Romance", "Seven", "Interview with a Vampire" and see a real character, far different from every other, that is deep and real. Very few great actors have this kind of range. Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Deniro, Robert Redford, none of them have the range that Brad Pitt has. For every woman to love him and every guy to hate him simply for how his ass looked in "Thelma and Louise" is a crime. There is much more here. Anyway, Kalifornia was ok. Unfortunatly it was more like spending time with my cousin, Chewbacca, than it was "getting into the mind of a killer" like the preview said. The plot was a little weak, but the camera work and acting was quite good. Unfortunatly we see more development of a psychopath before Pitt opens his mouth than we do after it. More of a Breakdown, U-Turn kind of movie. For the DVD to have a special warning when you pick the "unrated" version was a joke. There was far worse sexually and violently in many other movies than in this, though you do get to see Juliette Lewis (another top notch actor, see Natural Born Killers or Cape Fear if you disagree) topless (though in both the R and Unrated versions. Yep, I checked). The disc is not anamorphic although it has many excellent quality shots (mainly in the beginning), but it is in Dolby Digital though you wouldnt know it. It is worth a rental, but considering the lack of quality and the lack of supplements, it isnt worth much more.