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I am a big Martin Scorsese fan in general, and it was this movie that made me one. Goodfellas is a dark hearted look at life in the mob, and it is probably the best definition of a gangser movie next to Godfather. Ray Liotta defined his acting ability in this film with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci doing a marvelous job. Scorseses use of some excellent shots with some excellent music give this movie a flavor all of its own. Unfortunatly the DVD is one of only two (the other being Amadaeus) that require a flip in the middle. Apparently RDSL wasnt out yet and the movies 3 hour length required it to go on two sides. It is 16x9 enhanced and in Dolby Digital 5.1. Warner is due to release a new version in RDSL that wont require flipping which would shoot the DVD rating to an easy four. Overall a defining movie for the genre.