LiquidTheater.Com Certification Checklist

written by Mike Shea on 10 May 2002

Experiencing the film's vision is what home theater is all about. We spend billions each year in our attempt to understand and experience the vision of talented directors, writers, cast and crew. Now the technology exists to recreate this vision at home.

Technology seems to be the focus of the home theater industry but other important factors are ignored. This checklist ensures a home theater is properly set up and calibrated. It goes hand-in-hand with the Home Theater Setup article.

It is not expected that every home theater will meet all of these requirements. These specifications are for an ideal setup, but one that is reachable for under $4000 total. Read through the descriptions of these guidelines and then print it for a quick "pre-flight" checklist before each viewing. And now, the checklist:




Receiver Setup

DVD Player Setup

Audio Calibration

Video Calibration

Room Configuration

Environmental Control

Movie Criteria

When properly used, these guidelines can greatly increase your ability to fully capture the director's vision. If left in the hands of evil, we could find ourselves watching non-car car movies on a 12" TV with an ice cream maker made by Harley Davidson going off four inches from our eardrum. Not to mention the full bladder. Use this well and become the film!

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